The best Transportation services


Are you a growing company that has facilities that are just across town from one another? Let us be your outsource for runs between your locations. Don’t deal with the headache of maintaining trucks, or hiring drivers you may only need on a part time basis. What is worse than constantly hiring for a position? Hire us as needed, and never lay off another driver.

Dry Haul

We specialize in servicing the Midwest region. We have moved everything from chocolate & the boxes they come in, to building & raw materials used in manufacturing. Whether you need dog food moved from Boise to New Orleans, or BBQ sauce from Memphis to Chicago we have you covered. Call us today to see the NKC difference.


We pride ourselves on the diversity of products we can haul. We have a fleet of climate controlled trailers that allows us to transport your perishable items. You need ice cream in Akron? We’ve got you covered. You need ham in Omaha in the middle of summer? When it gets there it will be just right. Call one of our Load Planners and experience the NKC difference.


Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!

All of our services can be arranged anywhere in the USA. We are a group that has centuries of combined experience, with a team you can trust to haul your freight. We will make sure that we get your cargo where you want it, when you want it because of our culture of Respect, Quality, and Service.


We are located next door to the Union Pacific Intermodal Hub and minutes away from the Norfolk Southern Intermodal Hub. We can provide fast service to any intermodal need. We also offer intermodal storage at our facility.