Brett Marshall


Brett started in the transportation industry in 1985 as an owner operator for Road Way Package System (RPS) which is now Fed-x Ground; he was named the #3 contract CARRIERS for RPS.  Since then he owned an air freight company at KCI INTERNATIONAL Airport.  This company transported import and export freight for companies like Japan Airlines, KLM, and Lufthansa.  Then in the early 90’s he started a company by the name of Pro-Fleet Transportation built into a 12,000,000.00 company until 2002.  Then sold the business, he in turn bought some trucks leased them to companies that hauled for the automotive industry.  Since then he bought NKC Transportation, who hauls LTL and Truckload.  Some of the customers that NKC hauls for are Farmland Foods, Russell Stover, AWG, Johns Manville, and Del-Monte.